Saturday, January 10, 2015

hello stress

I'm stress

Stress of what ? 
God knows

Virus came and visited me
Really distracting

According to doctor
When immune system down
Virus that stays in my body
 will be activated 

I have to keep myself chill and relax


I was wondering 
Is because the place I'm staying,
Stress me up ? as my lifestyle changed?

Lifestyle changed a lot seriously
when you need to accept something totally different!

Mood swings everyday 

I tried to make myself relax actually
Yet people around me stress me up 

I have tried to control emotion
But why me ? 
Why am I the one who tolerate people around

Should I run away for few days ? 
When you have something to tell 
And you can only tell nothing 
That's hard ! 

I will be good :) 
No worries