Saturday, April 6, 2013

The one Deserved

Never ever has this kind of so called 'touch' feeling 
from a very normal friend
until I receive  the message below from someone

'i miss those days
 when i could hear the loud tapping footsteps of yours 
going up and down the staircases,

i miss those 
days when the 1st thing that came into my mind 
whenever i'm tired of school was to find out if the light of your room's on, 

sometimes give a lil peaceful sign 
after knowing u were there..

and sometimes disappointed too
 knowing u were back in hometown..

i miss those days especially 
when i was in foundation 
where you were ain't so busy,

 when u used to open your door widely.. 
so i could be there to interrupt u..
that was the reason i love to study in the living area..

in fact, that motivated me..
and for that i would like to thank u... 

thank u for once being there so closed in my life..
i see u as a big sister to me..

u made me feel the warmth, 
comfort of 'home' at a place 
which used to be unfamiliar to a newcomer... 

don't tell me i never miss you... 
coz that's what i thought of when it comes to u.. 
and that's just how much i miss u... 
my tall sis.. 

Well, I think she should put this in my biodata book 

Maybe , 
this is the long story that 
she wanted to write for me since long time ago.

I miss you too, dear little one.




'我会回去sport check 你们的'



Who Understand , will understand


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