Sunday, January 10, 2016


First blog in 2016
Lets discuss on 'ethical' 

1. Should we bribe to protect ourselves ? 

One of the colleague (Y) received a summon from JPJ 
because she used the bus lane .

According to her , there's no camera hidding around that area 
JPJ officer told her that someone captured her car plate 
and logde a complain to JPJ

To solve this issue, she bribeb the officer with RM600 

U guys will start wondering , how much is the summon? 
RM300 and the car have to be inspected by JPJ officer .

Y did not want her car to be inspected by JPJ officer , hence , she bribed.
She told us there's case where officer changed the spare parts
of the car when undergoing inspection. 

2. Will u bribe ? 

Further discuss on that , we shared our thoughts about bribery. 
Most of the colleague said they will bribe if they received a summon. 

姑息養奸! Will u bribe ? 
I told them i will pay the summon. 
Some agree with me because there's a discount given to settle your summon.

3. Right or wrong ?

Y insisted she's not wrong because of using the bus lane. 
Another colleague and me told her , 'u're wrong according to the law ' 

My colleague started to argue with Y. 
Keep asking her :你知錯嗎?
She insisted : 我沒錯。 

Y keep mentioning that people nowsaday is too free
Capture this and that and start complaining . 

What do u think? 

And she emphasized, she did not use emergency lane. 


Selfishness tell. If u used to take bus , 
u will know how important the bus lane is.

The issue is not to argue ' right' or 'wrong'
Because there's no exact answer for each of us


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