Monday, March 2, 2015


I'm bored
Need excitement in my life
What would it be ?

Myself :
Dengue positive during CNY
No celebration for me except collecting ang paus
I never really enjoy this festive for 2 years

Last year
Busy searching work
No money no celebration 

This year

My health : 
After quitting from big 4
Red alerts on my health
I wonder why

Mayve because lack of exercise 
Some told me that i have no time to sick while
Working in previous employer

Is true
All the sickness come together

To solve : exercise!

Wanted to get a sport shoes
For jogging / hiking / trekking 

' u sure u will wearit?' 
This is the question both brother and boyf asked
After  I told them Iwanted to get one sport shoes

My work :
So far so good
Routine life style is one of the factors
Why i feel bored

Thought of planning outings with colleague

For self improvement, I have enrolled in my exam
Is already paper 4
Going to finish off stage one of this exam

Started to feel lazy 
Don't feel like studying

To solve : need motivation from bosses

Should I walk into my boss's room
And story to him ?

My family : 
As usual
Unsolved issue remained 

What to do ?!

Keep calm and close eyes

I found myself less involve in family issues
Compared to last time

Maybe because is already my bottomline
To tolerate everything 

My relationship : 

Feel bored not because of the boyf
Is because our routine life

To solve : short gateway !

And is all about money
But I dont care
Has been awhile since our last vacation 

My friends : 
Known each other for too long
And no topic to share 

Erm ... Where's the plan for our trip ?

To solve : Discuss and result oriented

Is 24 
And i feel myself not in this age * Omg
When you look back 
Ask yourself 
' What have you done ? '

Your dream 
Realizing? Or still searching for your dream?

My dream is very simple yet hard to achieve

Past one year :
I have worked for almost one year with current employer
I have completed 3 papers
So what's next ? 

All about working
That's why I'm bored 


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