Thursday, December 19, 2013


Well, stepping in the mid of December
Marking the third month of unemployment :(

Initially , wanted to blog the moment in Kuching
with my mum last week.

It's just a normal trip. 
Any excitement you could expect from a trip with parents ? 

Nothing much actually. 
And I found myself completing the so called 
'responsibilities' during the trip instead of really going to a trip.

Sorry mum! If I done any unpleasant act. 

Hey, lets go back to our main topic.
Yeap, December ! That's my dateline for myself to get a job. 

When someone asked me :

' How's your job hunting? '
' I rejected people , People rejected me too ' I answered. 
' Fair game. '

Yes. Is a fair game.

' You got a job? '
' Nope. Still searching. '
' Don't be so picky. '

Picky, picky , picky ? Am I ?
Choosy ? choosy ? choosy ?

Digested the words above and started to worry 
as people around me worried about me. 

Sad case when the word 'picky' is from one of my close friend. 
I knew she didn't mean it.

People, I'm actively in looking a job. 
Stress says hi and bye always as I refreshed the page
and there's only a few job opening.

Felt badly when it's all sales related :(
The brother worries at the point I resigned.

No doubt, I have a lots of outing and trips. 
Going here and there after I resigned.
But when I flashed back, is only a few places I went
comparing to those who are good at socializing, 
that's only small business. 

What to do ? Decided to go for this road.
Shouldn't wondering whether the road not taken will be good ?

Simple, I just want to have a job that suits me :)
Whatever picky and choosy , that's my way.
Have faith and believing always !


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