Saturday, February 23, 2013

. . .

A good starting ?
Somehow yes where I got a good pay with the job I wanted.

I remembered My lecturer told me before:
' There's always a "but" '

I took it in a very positive way in the first place. 
When time goes , no longer to be positive. 
Reinforce my mindset thousands times , it still remain the same. 

Really have no idea how should I continue to write my chapter of life. 
Some said , is your life , you hold the decision . 
Some said , support always will be there. 
Some said , think twice. 

No matter how , I have to D.E.C.I.D.E

Maybe this is the challenge the God wanted me to face. 

Thank You to those who cares
I will be all right :)


Tan Boon Sheong said...

no matter what...stay strong!

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