Friday, September 13, 2013

Lasting Impact

'Making a lasting impact'

Impact day, a day whereby the company pays back to the society.
Sound interesting huh ?! 

 is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity 
done by the company itself.

A short post over here

Of course,

I love this day as all the participants work as a team, 
cleaning up the surroundings,
beautify the environment, 
taking care of the disabled and etc.  


What I found out was,
not everyone willing to contribute to the society and 
they actually join this activity because need not to work. 

Sad case !

People, please do good and act good  :)

I actually helped up in painting low cost housing area 
to make the place looks brighter,
prevent drug addicts gather around that place.

After all, 
We had palm print on the wall 
making a lasting impact on the wall 

The adik above palm print all over the place.
He just 'cop' here and there 

Well, a lasting impact done !


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