Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Game over ?!

Alright, start with an ordinary starting ...
Well, it has been a long time since last blog 

Fail my exam . Don't ask me why 
Retake the exam with great of fear 
And having post-exam phobia 

I guess i cant accept another time of failure
Anyhow, have give myself another chance to try
If i fail again , IF

Overloaded with problems and issues 
Surrounded by MR Stress.

Quality of sleep is what i needed now 

My mood is like how the share market and FOREX fluctuated 
Oops. Our RM is not fluctuate at all
Going down all the way reaches RM4/ $US

As my financial commitment too high with only 0.03% of saving monthly againts my salary
I have stepped into investment line - share market

I gain and i loss .
With the 2.6b and 1MDB issues somehow affected me 

Today, i have loss my capital .
Dont worry , have not declare bankrupt yet

I cant imagine those who have no knowledge on fundametal and technical analysis 
How they survive in the market ??! 

This is how my life going 

Society force me to do so 


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