Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Starting Point

Starting is always the hardest part ..
Everyone know that .

No matter where you are,
what you're planning to do,
the first step needs courage.

Try an error is what I held for nowadays 
Don't know how to do?! Try an error.
Dont't know which way to go?! Try an error.

Yet, sometimes, fear of trying is around. 
Why? All because of changes.
I have tried and continue trying, 
staying positive is the only think I can attach on.

What I want to say ? That's reality . 

Fortunately , I have someone always stand by my side. 
I have came to notice on something whereby it reached my isolated heart.
Starting is always the hardest part ..
even I have not started.

Work life balance
difficult to do so but is possible


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