Sunday, August 31, 2014

When I got to know..You ?

Sunday afternoon
Sitting infront of lappie 
Searching for room

Staying in a small room
for almost 2 years, is time to move!

Stubborn like me
Never take initiative to search for room 
when people around me asking me to move
because of distance, ventilation problem and etc.

So , What makes me move now ?
Same reason as people giving me:

1. Distance
2. Ventilation of the room

Work load increases
Travelling time should be shorten

' Use the monthly rental as your monthly instalment for your house'
Well, everyone knows that. 

Everyone owning a house before the GST coming in.
The reality here is, the property price going up drastically 
and the pay for an ordinary working adult stay stagnant.

So, I'm like any ordinary person? 
Complaining on high cost of living?
Blame the government?

In fact, it is facts !

Instead of complaining 
I find ways to accommodate the rapid changes

Financially literate is important.
Brushing up my own financial knowledge whenever I can. 
Just to make life better? Or to follow the steps of others?

And, all is about money?!
That's reality.

Other than money, 
You have nothing to achieve in your life ?
Without using money. . .

High working ethics like me
Having internal conflict with myself when I see how others work

They might just finish their work and that's it. 
Ok, is non of my business if they don't pick up the knowledge 
which is right infront them.

Yes, you may just complete your responsible and call it a day.
But, please at least confirm that what you have done is correct 
and will no have impact to the others and entire team.

Am I complaining now ?
Yes? Haha

Human born to be selfish?

Another one, greedy.
Human born to be greedy?

Obviously can see everything in a small office.

Some might just said 
being helpful is a fake action. 

 Being helpful is the willingness from my bottom heart.

So called office politics arose because of those work for money people?

' I have something to tell you long ago' My master said. 
'Have to be fake whenever you need'
'I know, but do you like it?'
'No. Sometimes have to'
'What are you trying to say?'

'You can be fake, but when you take off your mask,
 it should be different after you taking off'..'

I was digesting what he was trying to tell me.
He felt that I'm 'fake person' all the time ?
Or He was asking me to be fake?

My helpful hand scared him?


Should I just treated him PMS?
As he shared all those deep stuff with me recently.

I'm real all the time. 
Is obvious.

I understand the fake theory needed to apply
I choose not to if not needed.
Back to my topic, life.

Envy why people different with me. 
You know, internal conflict . 

Yaya, I have many conflicts.
I know you try to solve for me ... 
Thanks but you're not me . 

Every society have it owns status level. 
Being differentiate with name, position held, wealth...

Virus in the society : comparison. 
Kia su.

Person same age with you.
Owning toyota vios, latest series. 
Sharing his/ her own life which is not bad for me

Ok, his/ her family background supporting them. 
Is right maybe. 

Comparison come into place.. 

If you think another way round, 
he/she can be dependent and unable to solve problem by themselves. 

There's always good and bad. 

The virus impacted the society.

Ignore everything and live what you want to . 
Let it go? Let her go?Let it be?

Songs explained. Haha

When I got to know how's strong my principles are
and I can see the different now 

When I got to know I live for others but not me 
I feel it (Stupid)

When I got to know I care for others for no reason 
with nothing in exchange and people around me 
take it for granted... (Stupid)

When I got to know how's reality is 
and the impact now is on me .. 

Sometimes, keeping quiet is one of the way for relieve
Not everything has to be spoken out for discussion. 

Sometimes, it heals and sometimes not. 

Forgive but not forgotten.

When you got to know
why this blog has abandoned for a period of time
God knows :)


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