Thursday, May 31, 2012


All of a sudden
We just went for swimming

I wonder, when I become so outgoing ?!

Ever in my life ,
 in my sem break ,
I went out with my friends so frequently.

Stepping  into June,
I set swimming as my resolution.

Swim as much as possible .
Before doomsday 2012
(*touch wood) -_^

As shan emphasized,
Swimming is an exercise where our whole body moves 

As a student 
Sedentary lifestyle may 
kill us one day . 
Lets move it !

Here we are

I have no idea since when I last step into it
Kolam Renang Awam

RM2 per entry
There was no one there
Great! We can conquer the whole place

As we stepped in 
Shee :
"woah ! Looks nice. Feel like jumping into it "
- referring to the first and the biggest pool -

We went to ladies pool rather than the main one . 

Before jumping into it 
Breakfast ?!

you know how important to have breakfast huh?!

Jalan Jalan cari makan?!

I taught them
 the so called
MUSHROOM style for swimming 
Erm.. should be : mushroom style for floating on the water

Hold up your knees with your both hands

Good posture. 

My turn 

Yea. still can show peace to the world =)

Of course not !
She's still a.l.i.v.e

What have I learnt that day ??!

Coping with psychological barrier is hard 
Especially in swimming 

Yet I believe 
As one has the believe on 
nothing cant be solve 

After fooling around
we took our brunch in a nearby coffee shop at Ampangan 
which popular with the coffee and the bread there
That's all 
Short and simple day we had 


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