Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let It Be

Unsolved problem
repeat and repeat again

Everyone of us try very hard 
to be positive, to have faith ,
to make our life as colorful as possible
to forget about all the nonsense

Yet , history will never change and 
the worst case, it is repeating all the time.

Nothing else can do except ignore
Ignorance become apart of human's life. 
Such an easy job to ignore but how far can you ignore actually ?

Sharing is caring 
Everyone knows about this

The question arises:
How far can you share your own problem to your friends?
In fact , the factor of timing is vital .

Different timing will have different story 

There are many of them willing to be listener
If there's no one willing to share
What's the point of having a listener?
Since it is an unsolved problem 
will do 

Either me or you is superhero
no one can stop anything or everything to happen 

Only one phrase :
God bless you 

Think Less, Stay happy =)


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