Monday, July 16, 2012

Psychology, Today.

Saw a few friends sharing this on Facebook . 
Just wanted to share at this moment where 
I cracked my head for my thesis again 

When a person laughs too much , even on stupid things , 
that person is sad deep inside.
How sad it is . I think of you . 
You always laugh out loud in front of us , 
indeed,  you're having zillions tonnes of problem remained unsolved 
Face it , friend. 

When a person sleeps a lot , that person is lonely. 
How sad it is . I think of you. 
You can sleep no matter how many hours you have slept. 
I know, you feel tired for everything you have faced all the while. 
No choice, born to be. Let it be .

When a person talks less and if he talks fast , 
that person is keeping a secret.
Really ?! Everyone has a secret deep inside one's heart . 
No one will know the true picture of oneself except himself. 
Secret kills promise. How well you can hold on your promise by keeping other's secret?

When a person can't cry , that person is weak. 
How weak is weak ? I think of you . 
Look strong yet weak inside. 
Persistence and determination needed, my friend. 

When a person eats in an abnormal way , 
that person is in tension. 
Somehow , it is true. Applicable to students who are studying hard.
Trying very best to achieve academically .
Do take care of your health while "fighting" for exams

When a person cries on little things , 
that person is softhearted. 
It depends on what "little things". 
Softhearted cant be measured in this way . 
*Every baby / children should be softhearted then :p * 

When someone asks about you although 
that someone is busy he/she really likes you. 
From what I perceived, everyone is busy with something else . 
Not necessary have to let the one you like
 to know that you're caring about him/her,
He/she will know as the bond between them will tell.
Add on from ME :

When a person wanted to hug something
wanted to be alone for one moment , 
that person is lacking of sense of security.
I think of you . 
Sense of security for you is much more important 
than everything else. 
Yet , is time to let go a lil bit .

When a person withdraw oneself from 
something and someone ,
that person is having commitment problem.
Who else , if it is not you ?!
The level of commitment for each and everyone  is different. 
Worry is there where the fear of contributing 
and repaying are around.

When a person slim down so sudden, 
something is bothering that person. 
Dont get slimmer and slimmer , my friend. 
You have to pass through that stage no matter how. 

When a person have faith on doing something , 
that person will be always reaching the goals.
All other factors are not the factor if faith is not the main one in reaching one's goal . 
Have believe on , hold on . Everything will be in its position. 

When a person using words to express instead of verbally,
 that person is deep inside.
Think of you.
Hard to understand as you're so deep inside.
That's all
Have a great day =)

* I dont really know how true are the "facts" above *


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